We sell refurbished equipment that works, but that doesn't mean new and returning customers don't have a LOT of questions. We're here to field every single one. The better we answer each question, the greater the rapport and trust both parties can develop.


Comprehensive reconditioning of equipment to OEM specifications with an unconditional exchange warranty. All hardware is guaranteed eligible for continued maintenance by the OEM.

Technical Resources

We offer our technical resources, staff support and tools to educate our customers.

Custom Configuration

We offer assembly, loading of software, color coding, custom setup, special labeling and boxing for your unique needs.

Depot Repair

We can help you maintain your existing hardware by offering our depot repair services. We use our own parts inventory and warranty to keep your costs low.


We offer our experience, understanding of product and market knowledge at no cost enabling you to make the best decisions for your business.

Asset Appraisal

POSRG offers you fair market appraisal of your POS platform when you are ready to sell or prior to selling so you know what your hardware is worth.

Advanced Exchange

We can help you maintain hardware that demands a quick turnaround with a flat rate exchange service. We guarantee same day shipping when a request is made.


We can create customized instructions for service providers and/or your employees who will be handling equipment for installation, supplies and maintenance.

Depreciation Analysis

We offer you long term depreciation analysis so you know when the best time to sell is, the long term value of your investment and a plan for your new platform.