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“We believe that PopPay is a safer, more convenient, and faster way for our customer to order and pay. We will work together with our partner companies to make this payment method the one our customers prefer.”

Wendy’s First Kitchen
Tokyo, Japan

Who We Are?

Over the past 5 years, PopID has become a leader in the authentication space with millions of facial recognition authentications. Our service enables customers to connect their preferred payment methods and loyalty accounts directly to their face. Since launching, we have partnered with brands accross the world to simplify the customer experience at checkout.

POSRG Canada is the exclusive distributor of this product here in Canada.

Start Saving on Every Sale

Cost Effective
– 1.5% +11 transaction fee regardless of card type

Improved Security
– Reduces fraud and chargebacks

Add-on Solution
– Seamlessly works alongside any POS system

Improve Brand Loyalty
– Brands that adopt PopPay see higher loyalty usage

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