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Protect your staff and customers’ health by implementing safety measures in the workplace. Providing a safe and sanitized working and purchasing environment shows that you care for your employees and clients alike.

Workers in the retail sector, such as cashiers, maintenance staff, and delivery personnel, are at risk. Making your workplace secure involves minimizing contact and adjusting job protocols so your employees can work safely and prevent the further spread of the disease.

Along with these safety and prevention practices, the proper use of protective equipment can significantly reduce your staff and customers’ risk of exposure to bacteria and harmful germs. In response to the rising need for protective gear, POSRG Canada now provides pin pad covers, acrylic shields, face guards, and payment paddles.

Pin Pad Covers

pin pad

Pin pads are one of the main points of contact in a retail environment. With a pin pad cover, your staff and clients can wipe down and disinfect the pin pad without damaging it. It also protects the terminal from spills, dust, dirt, bacteria, and grime.

Our pin pad covers fit like a glove! They are custom-fitted to the keys and securely encases the entire device, including the keys and the screen.

Other features:

  • Flexible, transparent, durable overlays
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Easy to sanitize with common cleaners and wipes
  • Withstands repeated wipe-downs

Face Shields

Our face shields are 13.5″ X 9.375″, providing extra wide protection. Made of lightweight, clear PET panel, they cover your face without obstructing your vision.
safeguard screen

SafeGuard® Screen

The SafeGuard® Screen provides a barrier between the staff and customer at the point of sale. Low-cost and easy to install, this acrylic shield is useful for both food and non-food retail establishments.

Its clear and curved screen provides excellent protection for the operator and client and allows for a smooth and secure transaction.

Other features:

  • Designed for easy customer access to the payment terminal
  • Screen position can be adjusted to suit preferred working height thanks to VESA mounting

SpacePole® Payment Paddle

Especially helpful for businesses providing drive-thru and delivery services, the payment paddle minimizes contact between employee and customer by mounting the payment terminal device or mobile card reader. This allows the operator to hand the device to the client from a safe distance.

Manually handing over the device can heighten the risk for infection while making the device vulnerable to falls and/or damage.

Other features:

  • Flexible design to accommodate various payment terminals and functions
  • Reduced threat of theft

POSRG Canada is your partner in growing your business. We care for you, your employees, and your customers’ safety. We believe that safeguarding our community is key to keeping our businesses and economy thriving.

Talk to us through phone: (905) 332-8809 or email us at inquiries@posrg.ca.

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