How Physical Stores Can Adapt to the New Normal

The current global health crisis has forced businesses to evolve at a rate never seen before in history. Contactless shopping and payments suddenly became mainstream and e-commerce became a huge source of revenue for countless retailers. Additionally, new health and sanitation protocols are now a vital part of our daily routines. For retail establishments to

POSRG Canada Upgrades the POS System of Local Organizations

Part of the joys of being a Canadian POS solutions provider is that we get to help out fellow businesses in our community in times of need. As our economy continues to recover from the adverse effects of the pandemic, we thought we’d share some good news! POSRG Canada has just recently provided our top-of-the-line

Why Cashless Payments Are Here to Stay for Good

The volume of contactless, cashless transactions greatly accelerated due to the ongoing pandemic. Businesses around the world are pivoting to address this shift in consumer spending habits. As the saying goes, money makes the world go round. Now, money is constantly changing hands in the digital world. The various advantages of cashless payments have made

5 Remarkable Benefits of a Cashless Society

For many individuals, money is more than just currency. They also see it as valuable and interesting items. Some people even collect coins and paper bills. Money also has educational value since it tells a lot about the history and culture of a certain civilization or country. However, physical cash presents numerous problems. Aside from

The Top Retail Trends in 2021

The retail industry experienced a major disruption last year, but businesses have been creative and resilient in their response. The ongoing pandemic influenced consumer behaviour, temporarily closed shops, and forced businesses to adapt to the “new normal”. Creative ways of selling and adopting digital tools were born out of necessity and many will be changing

4 Advantages of Contactless Experience in Your Restaurant

Even before the pandemic, the restaurant industry was adjusting to consumer tastes and behaviour, gearing towards a modern and more convenient virtual ordering experience. This trend was only made more apparent with the onset of the current pandemic. People are searching for the safest options to place food orders and pay for their meals so

9 Signs That Spell a Restaurant POS Upgrade

Your restaurant point of sale (POS) system is your partner in growing your business. That’s why it’s necessary to ensure your POS system is working efficiently at every stage of your business. It should aid you in providing efficient customer service, make your staff’s job easier, and enable a smooth inventory process. An outdated or

Tips to Lower Infection Risks in Food Retail Shops

Supermarkets and grocery stores are among the most frequented places during the pandemic. Canadian grocery stores have even seen a dramatic increase in customers’ turnouts since the outbreak began. With massive numbers of people flocking these establishments week in and out, it’s essential to establish strict cleaning protocols and implement physical distancing to mitigate infection