IT Asset Disposition

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services refers to the process of reusing, recycling, repurposing, repairing or disposing of used IT equipment in a safe, secure, and sustainable manner. 

POSRG Canada offers comprehensive IT Asset Disposition services that help maximize your IT budget, ensure data security, save time, and attain your corporate social responsibilities (CSR) standards. We will take care of everything from pick-up and asset tagging to certified data destruction. Also, we offer a full asset registration for business record-keeping and asset tracking.

At POSRG, have peace of mind that all your unwanted IT assets equipment (laptop, tablet, used point-of-sale systems, enterprise equipment, data center cloud equipment, and smartphones) is safely recycled to the highest security standards. 

What Does ITAD Provider in Canada Do?

As one of the most trusted IT asset disposition companies, we focus on the following areas: 

  • Securing Data – Even if your hardware has come to the end of its useful life, it may still contain data that need to be deleted permanently. POSRG Canada follows the best practices in data destruction services to securely wipe out all the information in storage devices. 
  • Recycling and Reusing Devices – POSRG Canada has been the go-to hard drive disposal service for safe and environmentally responsible ways to dispose of various types of used IT hardware. Video cards, RAM sticks, and other storage devices can be collected, recycled, or reused in other products. 
  • Repairing Hardware – We also provide hardware repair options to enable organizations to repurpose their IT hardware.

Over the years, our secure IT disposition in Canada has helped a number of organizations safely dispose of their unused IT hardware. We purchase unwanted hardware from companies and then make an effort to restore the value of the item. 

Why Choose POSRG Canada?

POSRG Canada’s IT asset disposition services are the safest and most viable solution to get rid of your unneeded IT equipment. We purchase POS systems, printers, self-service scans, touchscreen monitors, tablets, and smartphones from major brands, such as Toshiba, HP, Zebra, NCR, Epson, and more! 

  • Secure Data Erasure

We value your reputation and the trust your customers have in your company. At POSRG Canada, your data security is our top priority. We have a certified IT asset disposition facility where we will conduct our data shredding services to ensure that the destruction of files is irreversible, thereby eliminating security risks. 

  • Environmentally Friendly

With organizations quickly upgrading their IT system, reliable IT asset disposition becomes a critical and more urgent need when it comes to e-waste. Improper management and disposal of IT equipment can cause heavy metals, chemicals, and other harmful materials to leak into the ground, affecting water sources. 

Instead of sending them to landfills, POSRG Canada gives a second life to unwanted technology through extensive refurbishment. 

  • Trusted

We have been protecting company data since 2005. We process used IT hardware from private and public organizations every year. We appraise your assets at a reasonable market value and offer top dollar for your equipment. We securely delete all data-bearing IT hardware and provide full sanitization certificates to ensure complete data deletion. 

For more information about our IT asset disposition services, give POSRG Canada at (905) 332-8809, or submit our online form and one of our representatives will get right back to you.


  • What is IT Asset Disposition?

IT Asset Disposition or “ITAD” refers to the proper data center decommissioning of hardware and electronic equipment. While it seems like donating old IT equipment to Goodwill or throwing it in the recycling bin nearby, the primary purpose of ITAD is to protect your company’s data and prevent your end-of-life equipment from falling into the wrong hands.

  • Why is IT Asset Disposition Important?

As businesses strive to be more effective and ecologically sustainable, proper retiring your old IT assets is becoming increasingly crucial. Old computers should not be thrown out by a business and dumped in landfills. Additionally, leaving company data on them is not a good idea. ITAD entails safely erasing or eliminating any data left on the hardware.

  • Why is it necessary to dispose of the assets?

When an organization improperly disposed of its old IT assets, it can have a negative impact on the environment, its reputation, and even their finances. The most secure way to make sure that your assets are properly destroyed, recycled, or reused is to engage a respected ITAD (IT Asset Disposal) organization.