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suite of integrated process saves your time, so you can focus on growing your business and deliver exceptional services.

PinPointing a Plan

Our expertise will take your business to the next level.
We will pair your operation’s needs with our extensive inventory of products and vast service offerings. Timelines, budgets and growth opportunities will always be kept top-of-mind.

New or Refurbished Equipment

We offer IT products from the most reliable hardware manufacturers in the world. POSRG sells the newest technology across a wide array of applications for the best price.

Sell or Recycle Equipment

Upgrading IT equipment? We will buy your hardware. POSRG appraises assets at fair market value and pays top dollar. If recycling is the answer, we have a certified ITAD facility.

Service Equipment

Wear and tear on hardware leads to issues that require general maintenance or specific repairs. We provide a wide variety of preventative maintenance programs and repair options.

POSRG has the solution, no matter
where you are in the IT lifecycle.

Whether starting brand new or upgrading to new technologies, our experienced team will
guide you to the right products or services at the right price.

Product Knowledge

Our sales, project management and leadership teams are passionate about IT equipment and how it will best serve your business.

Long-Term Support

From your initial purchase onward, our customer support system is designed to provide the greatest product value.

Business Integrity

Our success stems from operating with authenticity, honesty and transparency.

Premium planning with POSRG

Our team will determine the best solutions for operating your business at an optimum pace after exploring all possible resources.

Funding your project

Financing for growth opportunities.

Our customers may enroll in leasing and finance programs.
Businesses will stay competitive with industry leading devices and state-of-the-art technologies while
reducing cash spending and increasing flexibility.

Point of sale solutions for every type of business

Explore and execute peak POS performance

Reimagine the retail experience with technology that improves operations.

Improve inventory management with tough and tech-savvy mobile products.

Rising demands require rapid and reliable hardware and services.

Modern solutions support compliance, visibility and productivity.

IT equipment that holds up against high transaction volumes.

Streamline FOH and BOH operations with devices that deliver.

Complete point of sale hardware, software and security for dispensaries.

Keep lines moving with devices designed to handle large audiences.
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