Why You Need to Invest in Kitchen Display System

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Why You Need to Invest in Kitchen Display System

Technology has become a game-changer in the innovation of businesses. It has led to the development of new ways of streamlining procedures in order to meet the needs of customers. The food industry is a good example of how technological advances have changed the way business is done.

Restaurants of all sizes have benefited from these advances. Since the introduction of Point of Sale (POS) Systems, there have been multiple advancements in the offline retail industry. This includes better kitchen ordering systems, quick billing, more organized inventory management, and proper workforce allocation. In addition to that, there is one feature that is sought after by restaurant owners — the Kitchen Display System.

What Is a Kitchen Display System?

A Kitchen Display System (KDS) is basically a display monitor placed in the kitchen to serve as a mediator between the chef and the waiting staff who takes the orders. KDS is integrated with the Point of Sale software which allows it to display the orders placed in the POS. It allows your staff to track all the orders by the customers without going back and forth in the counter. Aside from the convenience it brings, it also has other significant benefits to your business.

Why a Kitchen Display System Is a Good Investment?

Here are a few reasons you should install a Kitchen Display System:

#1 Kitchen Efficiency

Kitchen staff working harmoniously

KDS has a feature that generates tickets that are routed directly to specific kitchen screens, alerting the different prep stations of upcoming orders. This allows the kitchen staff to prepare ahead of time and avoid delays. You can also implement a colour-coding system allowing workers to easily determine the status of an order. This helps to speed up turnaround time and increase efficiency, thus improving your restaurant’s kitchen management system.

#2 Environment-Friendly

Less paper, less waste

The installment of KDS is a one-time investment. All you need to do is keep a stringent maintenance schedule so it continues to function properly. It is also more environmentally friendly compared to Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT), a process that uses up a substantial amount of paper. In addition, KDS is more cost-effective in the long run and will save you a significant amount of expenses.

#3 No Missed Orders

The kitchen is the busiest area in the restaurant; it is not uncommon for handwritten orders to be misplaced. This can result in a disaster, especially when the customer follows up and no one knows where the order list is. KDS allows you to review the orders in real-time and determine which one is yet to be prepared or have been prepared. This way, no orders will be missed and there will be less confusion for the chef and staff.

In addition, online orders can be forgotten when not manually inputted. KDS allows online orders to be seen directly in the kitchen screen through POS, thus getting rid of missed orders.

#4 Established Restaurant Operations

When restaurant procedures are not well-established, the workflow of both front of the house (FOH) and back of the house (BOH) will not be in sync. KDS allows you to track the orders through a kitchen display system android which gives the servers instant notifications when orders are ready. This way, kitchen staff does not have to ring a bell to notify FOH staff when it is time to serve food.

This process makes everything convenient as it ensures a harmonious workflow between the FOH and BOH staff. You can also make sure that the food is served as soon as it is ready, keeping the customers satisfied.

#5 Better Communication

Restaurant settings can be hectic for kitchen staff, resulting in miscommunication. Since KDS generates a systematic kitchen workflow, it establishes better communication flow among the staff. For example, when the order is reflected in the kitchen screen, the chef and cooks can start preparing the meal right away. When the food is ready, the chef can just automatically change the status of the order from ‘preparing to ready’ and inform the serving staff. They do not have to shout out orders which are often open for misinterpretation.

This also minimizes unnecessary movements throughout the kitchen, which saves your staff both time and energy, making room for better customer service.

#6 Keep Track of Your Business

Keep an eye on your business with the help of KDS

As your kitchen display system is integrated with your POS, it allows you to run and analyze reports of your restaurant order taking system and your business as a whole. KDS can give you in-depth reports that allows you to monitor the total time spent on taking and preparing orders. It also allows you to view how much of the resources are used in a particular order. These reports can help you determine which part of your operations needs more attention and improvement to keep your business at par with your competitors.

#7 Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the number one reason why you should invest in a Kitchen Display System. In addition to having a proper kitchen workflow, the most important factor of your business is your customers’ level of satisfaction. Providing your diners with good food and exceptional service keeps them coming back to your restaurant. When you put your customers on top of your list, everything will surely follow.

It takes a significant amount of consideration and research to know which Kitchen Display System suits your business. Since this is a one-time investment, you need to make sure to choose not just the best quality KDS but also a top-notch POS hardware provider in order to properly sync your operations.

Keep your business success with satisfied customers

If you are looking for premier and certified POS solutions provider, Point of Sale Remarketing Group (POSRG) is here to help you with your business. We give high value to our customers as they are the most important aspect of our team. Our dedicated and well-trained technicians also ensure a reliable installment of your KDS so you do not have to worry about your kitchen operations.

Recently, we have successfully installed the Kitchen Display System of Beertown Public House Kitchen, keeping them in the lead of the craft beer dining revolution. The installation of KDS helps their business run smoothly, making their customers more than satisfied with their service.

We offer recycled POS services as well as KDS installation. Give us a call at (905) 332 8809 and let us know of your KDS system needs. Our team will take the lead in keeping a harmonious workflow in your restaurant. We’ve got your business covered.

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