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Give your customers a great dining experience with tableside POS system

People’s love for delicious foods has impacted many restaurant owners to improve their services. Additionally, modern technology has helped millions of restaurants to organize and fully manage their services, from order and inventory management, billing, and daily record monitoring of their daily operations. Point of Sale (POS) software is no doubt the backbone of restaurants when it comes to making day-to-day operations more organized and efficient. While Dinerware and pcAmerica are among the most popular restaurant POS systems today, the tableside POS is making its significance known in the restaurant industry.

Also known as mobile POS, the tableside POS system is a handheld device used by servers to place customer’s orders immediately. It displays the restaurant’s menu, food descriptions, 86’d items, and other details. Taking orders and payments tableside ensures your customers a positive dining experience, from ordering a meal to payment.

The tableside POS provides restaurant owners, staff, and customers with great benefits, including:

  • Increased security
  • Streamlined processes
  • Faster checkout times
  • Eliminate human errors

Benefits of Tableside POS for Servers

Tablet POS system allows servers to streamline their service and attend more customers

Many industry experts claimed that the tableside POS system is a chance for the restaurant industry to catch up with EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa). Despite the development of technology, many restaurant industries failed to embrace its importance, according to Mobile Payments Today. Restaurant owners, in particular, should open their windows to adopt tableside payment options to improve the environment for their servers. Restaurants that have been using the tableside POS system are pleased with the results.

  • Mobile POS streamline guests’ dining experience
  • Servers gain about a 15 percent increase in tips
  • Saves time on orders and allows staff to spend more time attending more guests
  • Streamlines table turnover seven to ten minutes faster
  • Accuracy of orders, as it eliminates server errors when taking orders
  • Boost customer experience by providing guests with speedy and efficient service

By incorporating tableside POS system in restaurant operations, it allows guests to set their own pace by ordering meals, drinks, and desserts and pay their bills conveniently whenever they are ready.

Tablet POS can also be assigned to roving staff to take customer orders and payments from anywhere in the restaurant, including drive-thru lanes. It effectively reduces the length of lines and maximizes positive customer associations. As a result, your staff can efficiently serve multiple tables, cutting back the classic runaround scenario while increasing the speed of service within the establishment. When customers are well-taken care of, they usually give higher tips to your service crew due to increased satisfaction.

Since the tableside POS system eliminates human error, it saves your servers from running back and forth between tables and kitchen to fix orders. This handheld mobile POS allows servers to see orders clearly on the screen and resolve any discrepancy quickly by looking at the orders placed by their guests.

How It Benefits Restaurant Owners

Restaurant owners can benefit from the operational advantages of a tableside POS system

Another reason why restaurant owners need to update their POS system to include tableside POS and EMV payments is to reduce their risk of chargebacks that results from fraud. In 2015, industry experts reported that the restaurant industries were most affected by credit card fraud, especially in areas where business establishment failed to adopt the technology. Chargebacks can be extremely devastating to small independent restaurant owners. As a business owner, you do not want to be in a situation where you will be forced to pay thousands of dollars in fines all because of a small security issue.

Every entrepreneur who operates a restaurant knows that efficiency and convenience should be the bread and butter in the food business. Running a restaurant can be a daunting task — budgeting, scheduling, staffing, ordering, inventory, and everything else in between. Tablet POS systems provide several significant operational advantages. Compared to traditional POS systems, you only need a lower initial investment with hardware and software. This does not only cut back the overhead cost but also boost ROI, keeping restaurant owners in line with their budget.

Another fantastic advantage of getting a tableside POS system is that it comes with cloud data storage, making troubleshooting a lot easier. There is no need to wait for someone to repair the system because problems can be resolved remotely. Additionally, it allows owners and key staff members to monitor their business data and reports from virtually any location as long as they are connected to the internet.

Benefits for Customers

Customers can place their order at their own pace and enjoy quick service

Customers come to your restaurant to enjoy delicious meals. They do not want to experience painfully slow service and incorrect orders. Keep in mind that a positive dining experience includes receiving the correct order, prepared just the way you want it. Tableside POS allows customers to see and browse the menu on the screen and place their orders directly. It eliminates misreading damage or poorly written paper tickets and lost orders. Also, customers are allowed to make special requests, substitute, and flag ingredients for food allergy. When you give your customers control over their dining experience, it ensures customer satisfaction, loyalty, and more word-of-mouth or social media recommendation.

Although adding new technology to your restaurant operation would mean taking some time getting used to it, using the table ordering system is relatively easy. The manager should train your employees to ensure a smooth transition between servers and kitchen staff. As long as the ordering software is intuitive and straightforward, customers can navigate the system easily.

The excitement around tableside POS system is not just a hype. It is more than just a connected digital notepad — it helps reshape your business in many ways you can imagine. For instance, it helps restaurant businesses generate additional revenue by adding more outdoor seats or promoting remote sales events. It empowers your entire staff to engage with more customers and complete the sale at the tableside. They help run your restaurant business from ordering, payment, and reporting because they are fast and flexible. With its numerous benefits, tableside POS systems are the perfect cutting-edge management and operational tool for restaurant businesses.

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