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Are you planning to upgrade your point of sale (POS) system? Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about whether there is a demand for used POS devices as there’s a bullish market waiting for your offer. We’re talking about merchants that want to leverage the benefits of POS in speeding up their transactions. But because the ground is fertile, you can expect to be up against a sea of competitor POS resellers.

To stay ahead of the pack and be able to snag an immediate sale, you need not only be knowledgeable of the best techniques to sell used POS systems and card readers. More importantly, a reseller who’s worth their salt has to provide a set of services that others do not.

Boost your knowledge and skills in these critical areas to sell your POS system right off the bat.


Set your eyes on a specific industry and serve them the best you can

  1. Determine your target industry (and stay up with trends)

Knowing where to sell used POS systems is essential, and an important aspect of this is identifying which businesses are you aiming to serve. The hospitality industry is not the same as it was a couple of years ago. The same can be said for retail and restaurant. Trends change like tides, and it can get difficult to catch up on the business requirements of a particular industry if you’re not embedded in it. If you sell POS to hospitality, you need to have a firm grasp of the challenges, pain points, and bottlenecks in operation that businesses in this sector are facing.

In a digital age where booking room accommodations can be done conveniently through phone, you need to consider that hotels need a technology that helps their operations become smooth and easy for both guests and staff, thus increasing customer satisfaction. Having a thorough understanding of an industry helps you better position your product to your prospective customers.

Give recommendations and set proper expectations with your customer

  1. Lend your expertise

Among the challenges for several small- to -medium businesses (particularly those that are a newcomer when it comes to the adoption of POS system to improve their operations) who buy used POS systems is that there are a variety of options laid in front of them. Each of these options offers many features and payment processing methods that can be confusing to the merchant that’s been used to traditional methods for years. As a reseller, it’s your role to thoroughly explain every function of POS devices, especially that of the device you’re selling. This is not only a show of competitive salesmanship, it’s also essential in helping merchants have an informed decision, and what this choice would mean to their business.

Merchants trust resellers based on their professional relationships

  1. Establish a relationship

Before going all in on selling, it’s vital that you focus first on building a strong understanding with your prospective merchant. How? By learning and acknowledging what a merchant truly needs. Once that has been made clear and established at the onset, it becomes natural to have a continuous conversation around the essence and benefits of POS, and what it can deliver to their business. In other words, more than just being a salesman wielding a “Used POS system for sale” sign, you also need to have the sensibilities of a trusted advisor.

Grab the opportunity to push a sales relationship outside the sales transactions themselves. Remember that as a reseller, you’re forging a long-term relationship with your customer, since you’ll be providing the needed support to your merchant clients when they choose to buy your POS system.

Discover what a merchant needs and offer your solution

  1. Assess what the buyer needs

Business owners are looking for the best POS device to respond to a felt need. This is generally based on what they need at the moment as well as how they foresee their business years from now. And merchants need to be assured that they’re working with a reseller who can immediately and easily offer solutions that address any POS-related issues, whether it pertains to accepting EMV or mobile, or how to better wade through inventory management. You need to know what kind of support merchants need and make sure to fill that need with your POS system.

Assure merchants how your product can improve their business

  1. Highlight versatility

On top of its capacity to meet the operational needs of a business, POS systems are instrumental in the most crucial aspects of a business. They can manage multiple types of transactions, provide faster payment processing, and they can help an enterprise manage their inventory in an efficient manner. In addition, a good POS system can also generate deeper insight into a merchant’s customer base. They also make in-store and online purchases much simpler and more convenient for all types of customers. When proposing to a potential buyer, try to elaborate on these features and make sure to plug them to their specific needs.

Address their service and security concerns

  1. Highlight service and security

One of the most important aspects that merchants rely on resellers for is navigating payment security. They may need help with PCI compliance and methods to accommodate the latest and highly secure types of transaction, like EMV (common option for most shoppers). If you have expertise in dealing with such issues, the better. Merchants will appreciate you if you can provide them support in addressing these concerns on top of offering them a POS system.

  1. Provide an accurate view of costs

It’s essential to have an accurate view of the legacy system costs. This should provide insight into subscription fees, software maintenance, support, hardware break or fix, as well as custom programming. Many business owners don’t get to see this figure, causing them to be surprised at how much they pay each year using a traditional system. Make sure to emphasize the costs during the initial sales process and make it easy to understand.

  1. Meet your customer’s expectations

It’s worth noting that merchants aren’t only addressing the internal needs of their business, but also the overall needs of their customers. Considering this critical factor, the fact that mobile and EMV payments are becoming a trend in the market (and are going to sustain its momentum) makes more sense to look for a reseller.

Final Thoughts:

Small to medium businesses are now cognizant of the fact that they need to ride with the trends and future-proof their operations to accommodate more customers. Modern POS systems have a role to play in supporting these efforts in several ways. As a reseller, you need to offer significant insights and help your customer plan for success.

The POS system you have (or don’t have) can set up the future of your business. As you sell your POS system to a prospective customer, you need to make them understand this fact at first meeting. And more than merely selling point of sale systems, add more value to your customer by providing them with your expertise and guidance on how they can better enhance their operations.

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