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POSRG Canada Upgrades the POS System of Local Organizations

Part of the joys of being a Canadian POS solutions provider is that we get to help out fellow businesses in our community in times of need. As our economy continues to recover from the adverse effects of the pandemic, we thought we’d share some good news!

POSRG Canada has just recently provided our top-of-the-line point-of-sale (POS) solutions to 2 fellow local businesses and an Ontarian not-for-profit organization. Comprehensive and efficient, our POS system boasts of hardware and software that’s a perfect fit for retail and grocery stores, and restaurants. We also facilitate sourcing and hardware setup.

Here’s how our POS solutions are faring with our new customers:

All-in-One POS Solution for Grocery Stores and Restaurants

We’re not exaggerating when we say that POS is the lifeline for stores and restaurants. How else would you track your sales, manage your customer data, boost your productivity, and improve your customer service if not with an efficient POS system to expedite those tedious processes?

Whether you’re an established restaurant like Maracle Man’s, or a new kid on the block like Barton Lettuce, using the PartnerTech AUDREY A4 Touch POS System is always a good idea for your business. The AUDREY A4 is POSRG Canada’s choice of quick service all-in-one POS solution that includes all the hardware and software that your business needs for smooth-sailing transactions.

The Barton Lettuce register, now ready for faster transactions

Fresh as their produce, Barton Lettuce is Hamilton’s newest independent grocer servicing residents in Barton Village. They launched their business in April this year, selling fresh fruits, vegetables, and spices locally sourced from neighbouring farms.

Being a new business can bring many challenges, but with a POS system like the AUDREY A4, Barton Lettuce will benefit largely from the sleek aesthetics of the POS machines. The equipment has a clean and stylish design that matches the appeal of the store itself. Plus, thanks to a newer, faster range of Intel processors in the AUDREY A4, customers won’t have to wait long for their in-store orders to be completed!

The AUDREY A4 monitor perfectly blending in with Maracle Man's interior

POSRG Canada has been Maracle Man’s long-time POS solutions provider. This restaurant has gone a long way since it started out as the stand-alone Maracle Man’s Chip Stand food truck in 2010. With their expansion as a delivery and take-out restaurant, it’s only right that they employ a comprehensive POS solution to meet the increasing demand for faster processing and service delivery.

Just recently, we upgraded Maracle Man’s POS system with the AUDREY A4. Hardware- and software-wise, you can’t help but feel that it’s not just easy to use, it’s easy on the eyes as well. This significantly benefits both customers and the Maracle Man’s staff. Smoother transactions, better interactions — the advantages of having a better POS system know no bounds!

Using Our Connections for a Great Cause

More reliable printers, more efficient paperworThe COVID-19 pandemic has had supply chains all over the world clamouring for whatever’s left of each other’s inventories — whether it’s end-user products, spare parts, or raw materials. With this global shortage, we’ve been expecting a much harder time trying to secure the goods that we need for our own businesses to keep running.

This is where our well-established partnerships with leading manufacturers come in handy. Despite global shortages of IT hardware, POSRG Canada was able to secure 16 multifunction laser printers from office supplies giant Brother for Lynwood Charlton Centre, Ontario’s lead agency for youth-oriented mental health and well-being programs.

These all-in-one monochrome printers have the whole shebang:

  • Duplex printing
  • Flatbed copying and scanning capabilities
  • Flexible WIFI connectivity that allows for convenient wireless printing across the floor

In order for the wireless printing feature to be fully utilized, POSRG Canada made sure to install and set up the printers, making them ready for use by our friends at LCC.

A Quick Review on the Benefits of a Good POS System

Cashless payment is the new normalStripped down to its bare essentials, POS (point-of-sale) means the time and place where a retail transaction is completed. For your business to make that sale, you need a point of sale system. And for your business to serve better and thrive, you need a good POS system.

Whether you’re just starting out or are still on the fence about upgrading your current POS, here’s what to expect when you get a POS solution from POSRG Canada:

1. You spend less time (and energy) on administrative work

Paperwork, accounting, inventory—the more time you spend on these activities, the less time you have for other things that require more of your attention. Fortunately, a reliable POS system will perform these processes on your behalf, so you can work on bettering your sales or marketing strategies and improving your customer service.

2. It helps increase store profitability

Good POS solutions that are tailored to your business needs and goals have the ability to help you earn more money. Effective inventory management and capturing buyer behaviour facilitate marketing campaigns that are customized to suit specific target audience’s tastes. Retail software that employs the latest in POS technology can also increase your profits by providing instant access and allowing you to order, sell, and market whenever, wherever you may be.

3. You have access to an efficient stock control system

POS systems with built-in inventory management software help ensure that you get the right stock at the right time. Besides timely orders, the system also helps you make intelligent ordering decisions based on inventory, buyer behaviour, and historical data. You won’t need to do the calculations and projections all by yourself now!

4. It’s a great marketing tool when used properly

Loyalty programs, through the use of loyalty points and vouchers, are crucial to customer retention, repeat business, and significant sales increases. Having this capability in your POS system allows you to capture buyer information and monitor their buying trends. With this information at your fingertips, you can amplify targeted incentives, marketing campaigns, customer experience, and other marketing efforts that are personalized and relevant.

5. Everything is ready at your will

A POS system with a singular central data-base gives you real-time access to all that you need to know about your business. It also provides you automatic updates and meaningful reports regarding the status of your business, helping you make better-informed business decisions.

6. You can operate anytime, anywhere

The e-commerce boom has made accessibility a major must for POS solutions. Having real-time access to both financial and operational data is such a huge perk for business owners on the go. Whether you’re working from home or you’re travelling, you have the convenience of operating your business using your mobile devices. Instant access also helps you respond to your customers better, giving them an overall great experience with you. A huge plus if your POS system integrates your physical store and your online shop.

Why Choose POSRG Canada

We go beyond hardware installation — we provide tech support, too!POS Remarketing Group is a Canadian POS solutions provider certified to service businesses all across the country. We provide both the hardware and software components for your POS system. We also do repair and maintenance services in case your system is having issues.

1. We design POS solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business

Rudimentary requirements for reliable POS systems include recording sales, taking payments, storing client profiles, and tracking and monitoring inventory — and POSRG can help you with all of that without you breaking the bank.

If you’re not sure about making big purchases on hardware, we can help you buy used computers, registers, and other POS devices from other companies. Since your software will depend on the capacities of your hardware, POSRG Canada can help match the right programs that will run your transactions smoothly.

Whatever industry you’re in, we can find a POS system that’s perfect for you and your business. For recreational cannabis sellers, we now offer the cannabis-compliant Zardo Canada Seed-to-Sale POS solution. For establishments looking to improve their health and safety standards, we now provide protective equipment for your registers, too.

2. We recycle POS systems

Our trained technicians at POSRG are the people to call when you suspect that your POS machines are nearing the end of their life. Once we have your equipment, we’ll inspect its components and determine whether they can be resold, harvested for parts, or recycled.

Besides refurbishing, selling, or buying your equipment, we also offer asset recovery and provide a Certificate of Destruction for hard disk drives (HDD). Rest assured that no matter how your equipment is going to end up, POSRG will take deliberate steps to reduce carbon footprint, as we employ a zero-waste policy in all our processes.

3. We can help you liquidate and manage your IT assets

Your hardware and software are integral, not just to your POS system, but to your whole business. Getting IT management software helps you reduce costs and increase productivity by:

  • Eliminating obsolete network assets that may slow down key business apps
  • Tracking incoming assets and other changes
  • Properly disposing of IT assets in a documented process that ensures sensitive information cannot be recovered

Aside from optimum-performing software, you can also count on POSRG Canada if you need to liquidate your company’s excess and decommissioned technology assets. Our IT asset management team can appraise your IT assets’ fair market value, in case you want to sell your used IT hardware. On top of that, we can also give you depreciation analysis to give you insights on when to sell your old IT equipment and plan for a POS system upgrade.

4. We have great POS tech support!

Our proficient team of POS experts will promptly respond to your POS problems, so you can resume operations immediately without the costly repercussions of lengthy downtimes. Our POS support services include:

  • Training your managers, supervisors, and employees on how to use your POS system and providing best practices for setting up product and customer databases
  • Regular on-site maintenance and inspection on hardware and software to make sure your system is running without issues
  • Remote assistance for when your POS system goes down
  • Optional offsite backup that connects your POS system to the Cloud, where you can retrieve your data and restore your system

After all, nobody wants a POS system that constantly crashes and burns (not literally, we hope!). We can’t afford to turn our customers away just because our cash register refuses to cooperate, can we?

Your Go-to Canadian POS Solutions Provider

Got a business in Brampton, Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga, or Toronto? POSRG Canada is happy to help you with your POS needs. Hardware or software — we can find the best options for you, at the most reasonable prices! Call us now via +1905 332 8809 or email inquiries@posrg.ca to talk to one of our POS experts!

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